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Art by Emily creates new life within empty spaces. Emily Osborne is the artist behind Art by Emily. Dedicating her talents to designing welcoming, warm murals for children's hospitals and youth centers, Art by Emily transforms blanks halls and bland rooms, providing an oasis for each individual. Working closely with each client to pinpoint the artistic direction, Emily designs full-scale murals to adorn the walls and ceilings. However, her work is not limited to flat walls. She also creates unique 3-D pieces to add depth to each personal world.

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Individuality deserves attention

There is more to personal artwork than canvas and wall hangings. Your space can be defined by the decor and statement pieces you prize. Art by Emily reconstructs the ordinary to showcase your individuality. Faux finishes and cabinetry refinishing are the first steps to claiming your space as wholly yours. Walls, ceilings, furniture, and signage all deserve the careful attention to detail to inspire any who walk the halls of your life. Mixed media is a fresh take in the art community to repurpose the forgotten and discarded pieces of our existence and recasting them to highlight the missed beauty of their original purpose.

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